Jinya Holdings Franchise


JINYA Franchise

JINYA Holdings, Inc is a large ramen chain with 46 stores in 15 states in the United States, including bush by JINYA, JINYA Ramen Bar, JINYA Ramen Express, Robata JINYA. There are few opportunities to partner with popular stores such as JINYA Ramen Bar. At JINYA Ramen, by combining real ramen with an unforgettable guest experience, we can convey your interest and awareness of Japanese food and ramen.

JINYA Mission

At JINYA, customers will enjoy the atmosphere of being invited to a home party, and everyone will enjoy the greatest joy with fresh ingredients and Japanese-flavored dishes.

JINYA Ramen was the only ramen brand restaurant to rank in FSR's Top 50 Growth Brands in 2019.

Further expansion planned in the United States!

Would you like to form a franchise with JINYA Holdings and aim to become the top of the American ramen industry together?