Shake Ramen Franchise


Shake Ramen Franchise

Franchise partnership with mobile ramen shop Shake Ramen! Shake Ramen is active in selling ramen by trucking around the city of Los Angeles. Evolutionary and visually stimulating ramen, which is served in a cup with thick slices of char siu and other ingredients, mainly SHAKE (shake!) Abura soba, will satisfy your hunger at once. increase. The main feature of SHAKE RAMEN is to provide food in the style of food stalls that are often found in Japanese open-air stalls.

Shake Ramen Mission

Shake Ramen, who is currently expanding his range of travel, participates in various events in Los Angeles and mainly caters to production companies.

With the goal of expanding our business to Texas, Hawaii, and Japan, we still run around the city of Los Angeles and offer delicious ramen!