Suzuya Patisserie Franchise


Suzuya Patisserie Franchise

Suzuya Patisserie is a Japanese-style sweets shop that is very popular in Las Vegas. Suzuya also carry cakes, macaroons, cream puffs and puddings with a low sweetness and delicate taste. The owner, Misuzu, worked in the kitchen of the famous local hotel Aria after graduating from the Culinary department at a university in Las Vegas. Suzuya’s business started when her friend asked me to make a Japanese-style cake. At that time, there was no Japanese-style cake shop in Las Vegas, and many people ordered by relying on Misuzu. Now, it has become one of the leading Japanese-style cake shops in Las Vegas and is loved by many customers.

Suzuya Mission

Suzuya Patisserie will provide Japanese-style pastries to local customers with the motto of making your daily life “special”. It’s our motivation to make every day a special day, not just birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc.

Suzuya Patisserie has been loved by many locals since it opened in Las Vegas in 2012.